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Pulmuone signs deal to commercialize BlueNalus cell-based seafood in S. Korea
Debate erupts over website exposing personal background of criminals
Daewoong seeks Philippine approval to test tapeworm treatment medicine
​​Fried chicken and beer banned on beach to prevent COVID-19
Posco distributes smartwatches for safety of steel mill workers
Seoul mayor proposes ban on new registration of internal combustion engines from 2035
Samsung to showcase new phablet Galaxy Note 20 thru online event in August
LGs service robot makes commercial debut at Seoul hospital
Busan to develop automatic accident avoid system for electric terminal tractor
Smart helmet and wearable exoskeleton robot introduced for emergency personnel
Sing-along Noraebang feature added to S. Koreas favorite navigation app
KEPCO develops easy charging method for electric vehicles
Samsung sells portable virus-killing UV sterilizer to disinfect smartphones
Drones and AI-based 3D virtual modeling system for safe dam management
LG Chem partners with GS Caltex to develop big data-based battery services
Daewoong tests camostat mesilate for treatment of COVID-19
Daegu designated as regulation-free zone for mobile cooperative robots
​​Tourist city Jeonju demonstrates smart blockchain-based payment system
Doctors association wants enhanced social distancing to prevent infections in large cities
Hancom With embarks on 3-year project to build 3,000 high-tech elderly daycare service centers