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YGs new boy band TREASURE makes debut with single
S. Korea unveils home-made AESA radar for next-generation fighter jet
S. Korea produces first blanket shield block for ITER fusion reactor
LG Uplus partners with domestic company to develop 5G outdoor self-driving service robots
S. Korea secures advantageous position in leading standardization of quantum information technology
S. Korea joins arms race in Northeast Asia to develop hypersonic missiles
KT carries out research for platform to measure risk of COVID-19 infection
Nuclear research center agrees to develop new technologies based on boron nitride nanotube
Mobile app makes commercial debut to check health status of prostate and bladder with sound analysis
Macrogen teams up with domestic rivals to participate in K-DNA big data project
S. Koreas drive-thru COVID-19 screening seeks approval as international standard
SK Telecom works with robot company to develop autonomous robots using 5G technology.
SK Telecom works with Woowa to launch delivery robots powered by 5G edge cloud
Automatic judging system introduced for professional baseball games
Electronic monitoring for probation introduced in S. Koreas legal system
Intelligent visitor management system introduced at Seoul hospital
China releases third volume of President Xi Jinpings book of governance
K-pop girl band ITZY to release new song next month
COVID-19 pandemic boosts online sales of Korean rice beer
Middle-aged smartphone users pull S. Koreas online secondhand trade scene