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SK Telecom to upgrade AI service 'A.' through long-term memory technology

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : January 25, 2023, 16:50 Updated : January 26, 2023, 00:09

[Courtesy of SK Telecom]

SEOUL -- South Korea's top mobile carrier SK Telecom will upgrade its artificial intelligence service called "A." by adopting long-term memory technology to enable the AI secretary to remember its owner's crucial information for a long time. Users can form a strong friendship with the AI service as it can engage in a conversation without any difficulties even when humans bring back their old memories.
A. (A dot) is a time-saving service that intelligently handles cumbersome tasks that consumers may face while using smartphones. The AI service also recommends and plays music or videos that match users' preferences. Users can decorate their own characters and talk to them through voice or text. Various services essential for daily life such as music, over-the-top (OTT) content, transportation, calendar, phone, and text messages can be conveniently connected to the AI secretary.
SK Telecom (SKT) said in a statement that long-term memory technology will be applied to A. in February 2023. Using the memory technique, the AI secretary can store important information such as users' MBTI results and favorite animals in its separate memory system. A multi-modal function capable of understanding complex information from photographs and body language will be also adopted.  
SKT said ChatGPT, an advanced language model created by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based AI research lab, will be adopted so that A. can engage in both informative and emotional communications. The quality of ChatGPT's conversation is extremely high that it is difficult to distinguish from that spoken by a human. 

"Based on our technology that commercialized the Korean-language version of GPT-3, the first super-large language model in the country, we will develop A. into the top-class AI service in the world by upgrading it," SKT official Kim Young-joon said in a statement. GPT-3 is an autoregressive language model that produces high-quality text based on deep learning.

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