Dreaming of Medieval days in Ruins of Aggstein Castle

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Aggstein Castle is a 12th-century medieval fortress in Wachau, Austria. [Courtesy of Kwak, Min Jung / AJU Business Daily]


If you are a medieval fanatic and romanticist who love to visit ruins of castles, you would love this small fortress in Austria.

Brugruine Aggstein, or the ruins of Aggstein Castle, is nestled in beautiful Wachau Valley that was named UNESCO World Heritage Site for its historical importance. This 12th-century fortress is located on 980 ft above Danube River overlooking the surrounding areas.

It may be very tricky to find this ruin if you are traveling by yourself or without a guide. Also without a car, it will hard to reach this place. For this particular location, instead of trusting your rented car's navigation system, try using Google map, or your will be circling around the same area in vain. 

If you are traveling from Vienna in a car, take a scenic road 33 to get to this destination. The road will give you a chance to enjoy the beauty of Wachau Valley and Danube River. When you pass a narrow road by an inn, a steep and narrower road will open up. You have to go up that road and keep going until you see Burgruine Aggstein sign and a parking lot. 

To fully understand the history of the castle, do not forget to rent an audio guide in your first language when you are purchasing a ticket. The audio guide will explain how the fortress was used and what kind of activities were going on during its glory days.

There is a little restaurant located in the courtyard of Aggstein that serves Austrian quick bites, cold beer, and coffee. After spending some time looking around, grab a seat in the courtyard and order a drink or little snack. Kick back and take in the Medieval atmosphere in.

During summer if you go up the watch post, not only you will see breathtaking views of Danube River and Dunkelstein forest but you can cool yourself down with the alpine breeze. 

To have a glimpse of Aggstein Castle in its glory days, try to schedule your visit to the site in April. The fortress holds annual Medieval Festival that families can enjoy together.

Spend a good half a day to walk around the castle and fully experience what it can offer. You can purchase the tickets and audio guide on site or online to book a tour. 

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