Kim Ja-in sets record in female climbing after scaling 555-meter-tall tower

Park Sae-jin Reporter() | Posted : May 22, 2017, 18:00 | Updated : May 22, 2017, 18:00

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South Korea's Kim Ja-in, the world's female climbing champion, has set a new record by scaling South Korea's tallest 555-meter-tall skyscraper, the Lotte World Tower.

The 28-year-old wearing minimal safety gear scaled the 123-story shopping and living tower complex that opened on April 3 in southern Seoul as South Korea's new high-rise landmark, in two hours, 29 minutes. Her stunt was shown live Saturday on the tower's Facebook page and YouTube.

Kim with numerous world cup titles is the world's best female rock climber. In 2013. She said her challenge would bring a message of hope to the people at "difficult times". "I hope my (climbing) will become a symbol of challenge and hope."

French climber Alain Robert held the title as the world's fastest male climber after scaling the 828-m Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2011.

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