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Glacier National Park is one of the nature wonders in North America                              [Photo=Sungwook Choi]

Glacier National Park is a national park located in the Montana on the Canada-US border.

The park is huge enough. It encompasses over 1 million acres and there are over 130 lakes and more than 1,000 different species of plants and hundred of species of animal.

This is why they are calling it "Crown of the Continent Ecosystem." In fact, there are a lot of bears, elks, mountains goat and other wildlife animals in this park and you can see them very easily.

This park is really wide and deep. In this reason, it was hard to get access to the park until they built the road, called "Going-to-the-Sun Road," in 1932 which provided great accessibility for automobiles into the heart of the park.

"Going-to-the-Sun Road" is famous for its high elevation and its deep and high cliff along the road. You can easily feel dizzy when you drive through it, especially, when you look down over the cliff.

It was really hard to build this road at that time. Therefore, when they finished this work, they said that it was the triumph of modern civil engineering technology.

Here are some of photos of Glacier National Park.

By Sungwook Choi
Aju Business Daily correspondent

[Photo=Sungwook Choi]


[Photo=Sungwook Choi]


Going-to-the-Sun Road                        [Photo=Sungwook Choi]


[Photo=Sungwook Choi]

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