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Hug Point State Park, Oregon                                                                         [Photo=Sungwook Choi]

Hug Point State Park is another hidden gem in Oregon.

It is just 8km south of Cannon Beach along US route 101.

Cannon Beach is well known place for many people and is very popular place for family trip.

However, Hug Point State Park is also very beautiful and has nice beach for family activity. Moreover, it is not that crowded.

The interesting thing is that there are a lot of fogs in this area and it makes beautiful scenes all the time.

People are enjoying walking along the beach, flying kites and watching beautiful Pacific Ocean. You can also see the haystack Rock of Cannon Beach from this park.

Here are some of pretty shots of Hug Point State Park.

By Sungwook Choi
Aju Business Daily correspondent

[Photo=Sungwook Choi]


[Photo=Sungwook Choi]

[Photo=Sungwook Choi]


[Photo=Sungwook Choi]

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