Sungshin Women's University Offers Distinctive Courses for Medicine

Park Sae-jin Reporter() | Posted : July 17, 2009, 14:56 | Updated : July 17, 2009, 14:56

Sungshin Women’s University is going to introduce the medical science study in 2010.

It is expected to be one of distinctive and rare courses in Korea, which will offer the university an opportunity to be one of higher education institutes with world-class by developing its students as the key talents not just in Korea but also in the world.

The course is going to be operated in cooperation with American University of Antigua College of Medicine (AUA). The medical science is to assist the students in obtaining a medical license in America and being globalized talents.

AUA Medical Bridge Program is going to be operated for the time being till 2010 when the university is starting to receive applications for admission.

The university is planning on selecting 40 students in total for this course with a series of screening processes.

About five eligible students will be chosen first based on scores in the transcript from high school and the level of their essays. They are required to submit the English score with at least 92 points out of a possible 100. 10 students with global experience are also advantageous to study in Sungshin for this course.
The accredited score for language ability and interview are going to be reflected for the screening process. Minimum score is 850 points for TOEIC, 240 points for CBT TOEFL, and 94 points for IBT each.

The school is also going to choose 5 students for medical science course only by the high school transcript, still higher than 92 points in English Test is needed to apply for this process. 

Once the students complete this 4-year course with proper grade point average and English skills, they will be entitled to enroll medical course at AUA as a full time student. AUA is an approved university by New York State in America.

Every curricula provided by AUA is coordinated according to requirement tests to get a doctor degree in medicine. Students in AUA can have opportunities to receive training at a variety of hospitals in Atlanta, Miami, and Pontiac in Baltimore.

First and fourth semester students attend rounds at the most modern hospital in the Caribbean, Mount Saint Johns Medical Center. Students are exposed to patients of all age groups. In addition, students practice history taking and physical examinations with patients at our ICM lab on campus. Third and fourth semester students also attend autopsies at the hospital as part of their pathology course.

“Since this course is highly related with the process to achieve the doctor degree in America, it is important for students to have a great command of English competence. That is why the university put high emphasis on English skill,” said an official.

By Jung, Sooyoung
아주경제= 정수영 기자

Translated and edited by Shin, Kirim
아주경제= 신기림 기자
(아주경제 무단전재 배포금지


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