South Korea
Eight out of 10 South Koreans reluctant to buy Japanese products
Pet-friendly accommodation business enjoys boom in S. Korea
President Moon urges can do spirit to overcome Japans technology hegemony
No casualties in attack by pirates on S. Korean cargo ship near Strait of Malacca
Man dies after apparent self-immolation in protest outside Japanese embassy
Military pact between Seoul and Tokyo mentioned as possible target of retaliation
Ex-presidents jailed crony gets stitches after falling down in detention center bathroom
​Studio apartment cat blamed for causing fire by sitting on induction range
Senior diplomat says U.S. will do what it can to help resolve Seoul-Tokyo row: Yonhap
Chinas Befar Group thrown into spotlight for reported order to supply key material to S. Korea
Top economic official urges dialogue with Japan to solve disputes
President Moon builds up ground for retaliatory steps against Japan
Over 60 percent of S. Koreans ready to join boycott of Japanese products: survey
China forecast to have windfall gain in S. Korea-Japan trade war: economist
President Moon urges business leaders to get ready for prolonged row with Japan
S. Korea accuses Abe of making groundless allegations over sanctions
​S. Korean online grocery store launches early morning delivery service for vegans
President Moon warns of unspecified countermeasures against Japans trade restrictions
Prominent TV news editorialist resigns over alleged hidden camera filming
Top economic official warns of stern measures against Japans export restrictions