Home-developed lithium-ion batteries ready for new 3,000-ton subs
Koreas hoist yellow flags at DMZ guard posts in first step toward dismantlement: Yonhap
[FOCUS] Worlds last Cold War frontier falls into silence
Decision on joint exercises to be made before Dec. 1: Yonhap
Two Koreas hold general-grade military talks to discuss detente
President Moon ratifies crucial inter-Korean military accord
S. Korea rules out delays in fighter project despite Indonesias delayed payment
Defective rotor mast blamed for causing chopper crash: Yonhap
S. Korea launches first 3,000-ton submarine capable of firing ballistic missiles
U.S. approves sales of aircraft and Patriot missiles to S. Korea: Yonhap
Two-star army general arrested for illegal surveillance of civilians
Hanwha to unveil AS21 Redback infantry fighting vehicle in Australia
N. Korean military parade probably bigger than previous one: 38 North
Defense chief discloses initial plan to deactiviate ten DMZ guard posts
[FOCUS] S. Korea goes ahead with deployment of mid-tier missile shield
S. Koreas first 3,000-ton submarine to make its debut in September
 S. Koreas Navy launches project to research whether new landing ship can load stealth fighter jets
Black Beret chief leads reform of army intelligence command
S. Korea envisions gradual troop reduction and greater fire power
 U.S. plane leaves for N. Korea to carry remains: Yonhap