Differences over type of combat jets for S. Koreas first aircraft carrier
S. Korean navy takes delivery of first ship for cadet training
Navy chief proposes launch of S. Koreas first light aircraft carrier in 2033
Lawmaker demands probe into 1.8 mln depleted uranium shells stored by U.S. troops in S. Korea
Hyundai Rotem secures new order to deliver K806 and K808 wheeled armored vehicles
3,600-ton sub installed with lithium-ion batteries to be delivered in 2026
Airbus EC155B1 helicopter line to be relocated to S. Korea in 2021
Hanwha Systems selected to provide crucial equipment for next-generation destroyer
S. Koreas defense agency reveals development plan for attack and reconnaissance drones
S. Korea to localize German engine of K-9 self-propelled howitzer
S. Korean military to deploy new 120 mm self-propelled mortar system
S. Korea pushes for independent design and production of a military satellite communication system
S. Korean defense firms strengthen research into electromagnetic waves for military use
S. Korea develops new smoke pots capable of blocking infrared detection in battlefields
S. Korea discloses defense program for construction of light aircraft carrier
S. Korea unveils home-made AESA radar for next-generation fighter jet
S. Korea joins arms race in Northeast Asia to develop hypersonic missiles
Daewoo shipbuilder partners with college research team to develop cybersecurity for smart warships.
Home-made transmissions earn chance of being used for K2 tanks
 ​S. Koreas defense agency to promote research of non-weapon core technologies