KT transforms showcase border village into 5G-connected town
U.S. military tests new missile that is too fast to track
Russian strategic bombers violate S. Korea’s air defense zone
S. Korean defense chief apologizes for undetected border crossing by N. Korean fishermen
​New 30-mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun passes military qualification tests
[PHOTO NEWS] Endangered Asiatic black bear found to be living in demilitarized zone
Hanwha signs contract to upgrade identification of friend or foe equipment for naval ships
5G infrastructure to be established at military academy campus
Indonesia signs $1.02 bln deal to buy three more 1,400-ton S. Korean subs
S. Korea preps risky tour program  to guide civilians deep into DMZ
U.S. solders in S. Korea allowed to wear anti-pollution masks
First batch of two F-35A stealth jets arrives in S. Korea
SK groups holding company invests $150 mln in U.S. shale gas business
S. Korea to buy naval choppers through competition between U.S. and British companies
Miscommunication found to have caused accidental missile launch
S. Korean firms to pay fine for bid rigging in supplying fuel to U.S. military: Yonhap
Surface-to-air Cheongung missile self-explods in mid-air after abnormal launch
S. Koreas military localizes slip-ring device for gun turrets
Trump welcomes decision to scale down U.S.-S. Korea military exercises
 Trump says S. Korea should pay U.S. more for defense: Yonhap