S. Korea joins arms race in Northeast Asia to develop hypersonic missiles
Daewoo shipbuilder partners with college research team to develop cybersecurity for smart warships.
Home-made transmissions earn chance of being used for K2 tanks
 ​S. Koreas defense agency to promote research of non-weapon core technologies
Appeals committee rejects transgender soldiers request for military service
Military officially allows soldiers to freely use smartphones at barracks after work hours
Advanced command and control system deployed at front-line military camp
S. Korea wants purchase of more spy planes to beef up early warning system
Military project to develop mini Aegis destroyer made official
Daewoo shipyard unveils electric propulsion system for next-generation destroyers
S. Koreas low-cost guided multiple launch rocket system wins U.S. approval
S. Korea installs new submarine monitoring system at busy ports
S&T Motiv develops new rifle barrel and heat cover using patented steel alloys
[Coronavirus] S. Korea, U.S. postpones combined exercises over coronavirus concerns: Yonhap
S. Korea to develop 11 small satellites to monitor Korean peninsula
 S&T Motiv pushes for development of next-generation rifles
Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs to launch pilot project to provide robotic prosthetic legs
S. Korea forms high-altitude reconnaissance squadron with RQ-4 Global Hawks
S. Korea embarks on turbofan engine development for high-performance UAVs
State research body showcases ​prototype anti-drone laser weapon