[Coronavirus] Health officials propose collection of convalescent plasma at hospitals
[Coronavirus] Researchers localize life-saving medical equipment
[Coronavirus] Plasma infusion contributes to complete cure of two serious patients
[Coronavirus] Virus contagious from second day of asymptomatic infection in animal experiment
[Coronavirus] SK Chemicals provides ciclesonide to medical institutions for clinical research
[Coronavirus] Supercruiser Quantum of the Seas anchors in Busan to receive supplies
AI-based software for in vitro diagnosis authorized to diagnose prostate cancer
[Coronavirus] Celltrion goes ino second stage of experiment to find medicine
[Coronavirus] Doctors conduct experimental treatment with blood plasma
[Coronavirus] S. Korea to lead international standards related to gene amplification method
[Coronavirus] State research body selects two firms for development of vaccine and medicine
[Coronavirus] Survey shows 15% of COVID-19 patients losing sense of smell or taste: Yonhap
S.Korea works on standardized performance certification of mobile negative-pressure equipment
[INTERVIEW] Hospital head urges S. Korea to revamp medical and quarantine systems
[Coronavirus] Researchers develop recyclable mask with nanofiber filter
AmorePacific to attract customers with 3D-printed cosmetic mask packs
Cosmax unveils new sunscreen based on material originating from space station
[FOCUS] Coronavirus epidemic provides chance to test telemedicine in connected society
S. Korean firms develop eco-friendly wood plastic cosmetic container
KT&G forges partnership with Philip Morris to make foray into global heat-not-burn product device market