Mountain road workers discovers lance asiabell root estimated to be over 100 years old
S.Korean researchers decipher entire chromosome of Antarctic toothfish
S. Korean defense ministry hosts open contest to pick top military chefs
Jeju uses drones for crackdown on illegal distribution of unripe mandarin orange
K-dramas boost popularity and exports of Korean chili pepper paste Gochujang
S. Korean farmhouse celebrates first harvest of bananas thru full-scale cultivation
Male honey bee larva earns title of edible insect in S. Korea
New species of Mucor found in S. Korea
Noah Biotech launches project to commercialize clean meat
Pesticide inspection of basil from Thailand ordered for importers
Researchers claim to have unraveled first clue of giant octopus farming techniques
White-spotted flower chafer beetles top list of popular insect species in S. Korea
Ready-to-cook meal boosts sales of instant table sauces, dressings and condiments
Instant noodle popularity jacks up Nongshims first-quarter profit
COVID-19 boosts sales of ramyeon instand noodles at home and abroad
Dalgona coffee with roots in S. Korea becomes global magic recipe: Google
Researchers combine LED with ICT for flatfish farming
S. Korea detects bacteria from enoki mushrooms produced by two exporters
Hyundai Green Food puts smart manufacturing plant into operation
Exports of S. Korean instant noodles up 122% over 5 years