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State research institute partners with government to establish AI manufacturing platform
S. Korean military to deploy new 120 mm self-propelled mortar system
Regulator hints at blocking access to website for digital punishment of crimes
Doosan Heavy wins deal to provide pressurizer for ITER fusion reactor
Restaurant unmanned kiosks annoy S. Korean elderly: survey
[INTERVIEW] Expert predicts rapid transition to non-contact in post-COVID-19 society
Jeong Eun-kyeong promoted to head S. Koreas new disease control tower
Melon promotes uncharted popular song thru new service
S. Korean county government prepares joint online ritual to prevent spread of COVID-19
Hyundai auto group forges battery alliance with SK Innovation
Girl-crush icon MAMAMOO to return to music scene with new single track
Celltrion makes preparations for emergency domestic use of COVID-19 antibodies
Major car-sharing service platforms expand market share with pre-emptive quarantine steps
​Popular artists prepare free online concert to help overcome COVID-19 depression
S. Korea proposes new kit to simultaneously test flu and COVID-19
Kakao to build mega-sized data center in university campus
Economic ripple effect caused by Dynamite estimated at $1.4 bln
CJ Logistics adopts automated small-sized parcel sorting system
Daewoong allowed to test efficacy of tapeworm treatment medicine in Philippines
Samsung wins $6.64 bln deal to provide 5G equipment and network solutions to Verizon