Woowa puts service robot capable of traveling between floors into test operation
Raonsecure to establish trusted platform for verification of self-driving
Virus-killing ultraviolet sterlization adopted for elevator
Mando partners with car-sharing company to develop vehicle diagnosis system
Samsung partners with SKT to release first smartphone with quantum encryption technology
GC Wellbeing finds placenta injection relieves COVIID-19 symptoms through animal testing
SK Energy adopts smart drone surveillance system to check safety hazards of oil storage
   Research institute develops humidity sensor for noncontact control of touch screen devices
Lingering policy debate over classification of excessive gaming as illness
SK hynix and KAIST join hands to use AI to upgrade semiconductor production quality
​KT demonstrates quantum encrypted data transfer using 5G network
State research institute develops AI system to create user-friendly applications
Cheongju picked to host new synchrotron radiation accelerator in S. Korea
KEPCO develops new large-capacity manganese secondary battery for ESS
LGU+ leads state project to test 5G-based autonomous shuttle service
Two cities left in final round to grab state order for new synchrotron radiation accelerator
Busan selected as testbed city to demonstrate new drone technology
SK Telecom and Deutsche Telecom agree to develop non-face-to-face platforms
Researchers develop fog-free protective goggles for medical staff
State research institute develops technology to capture virus-carrying boar