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SK Telecom steps up cooperation with Microsoft in 5G mobile edge computing
SK Telecom partners with security companies to develop 5G drone solutions
SK Gas partners with French startup Metron to develop AI-based platform
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SK Telecom partners with AWS to provide 5G mobile edge computing services
SK group holding company acquires stake in Microsoft Azures domestic partner
Mobile carriers and police agree to introduce mobile driver’s license verification service
SK Teleoms quantum cryptography recommendation wins preliminary approval from international body
KT opens first overseas virtual reality theme park in Malaysia
SK Telink introduces GX satellite communication service for shipping companies
KT agrees with golf course operator to establish 5G smart course
LG Electronics works with Finlands Qt to produce better operating system for smart devices
LGU+ and PTC work together to develop 5G platform for remote analysis of tractor
Hancom partners with Chinas VSTECS to sell office software in Asia
S. Korea to develop precision map on highways this year for self-driving vehicles
Samsung Electronics vows to expand neural processing unit capabilities
Cisco partners with SK Telecom and Samsung to develop 5G smart office system
Samsungs Galaxy S10 installed with reliable cryptocurrency key storage solution: executive