Lottes megastore franchise begins live stream commerce service for young consumers
Researchers develop highly efficient, transparent solar module
Korean Air works with drone operators for commercial use of hybrid-powered octocopter drone
 Korean Air awaits approval to remove passenger plane seats for cargo transportation
HK inno.N uses 3D printed skin to test efficacy of new drug candidates
Huvis ready for mass-production of non-toxic foam material ECOPET
Hyundai shipbuilding group builds LNG-powered large container ship
LGs transparent OLED displays used for subway car windows in China
Naver invites megastore franchises to online marketplace grocery delivery platform
     Smart diagnostic system developed by research bodies to detect fine leaks in pipes
Hotel booking service app Yanolja targets Southeast Asia with cloud-based technology
Researchers join forces to develop next-generation lithium metal batteries
​Convenience store chain GS25 launches on-foot grocery delivery service
Hyundai department store group expands business scope into beauty and healthcare
Samsung displays combined with Logitech’s video conferencing solutions
LG Chem introduces new NASH drug candidate from Chinas TransThera
POSCO Energy demonstrates plasma treatment to reduce NOx at LNG power plant
Samsung uses silicon-proven 3D IC packaging technology for advanced nodes
LS Electric leads energy project to recycle unused energy from city gas facilities
Hyundai Rotem pushes for hydrogen-electric tram demonstration in Ulsan