Apple takes top spot in Chinese smartphone market for 1st time
Consumer sentiment snaps 3-month fall in Jan.
Koreas ramyeon market shrinks 2% in 2014
Auto imports rise sharply
4 South Korean firms put on worlds 100 most sustainable corporations list
LGs smartphone sales soar 25.2% in 2014
S. Koreas airline traffic grows 7% in 2014
Korean investors shifting toward gold
Chinas GDP growth slows to 7.4% in 2014
Beer imports soar 25.5% in 2014
Faster Seoul-Gwangju bullet train service to start in March
BOK cuts 2015 growth forecast to 3.4%
Lydia Ko trades glasses for contact lenses
Samsung ranks 2nd in US patent filings
Gasoline price falls to 1,542 won per liter
QDOT TV shipments will grow explosively
Samsung did better than expected in Q4
Imported car sales soar 25.5% in 2014
Hyundai Motor to invest $72.7 bil. by 2018
Sales of Xiaomi handsets skyrocket in 2014
Researchers reveal why modern humans have lightweight skeletons
2014 on track to be one of hottest, possibly hottest, on record: WMO
Jupiter’s red spot likely product of sunburn
Worlds tallest man meets worlds shortest man
Gene test may identify kidney transplant rejection
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