Banks deposit rate falls to record low of 2.28% in September
Samsung Electronics operating profit plunges 60% in 3rd quarter
Credit card spending rises 6.3% in 3rd quarter
Seoul falls one notch to 8th place in Global Financial Centers Index
Samsung worlds 3rd most innovative company in 2014: intl consulting group
Koreas gender equality falls 6 notches to 117th place
Galaxy Note Edge goes on sale
Park In-bee regains No. 1 position in womens world golf rankings
Tourists visiting S. Korea rise 15.4% in Jan.-Sept. period
Park So-yeon places 5th at ISU senior Grand Prix event
Koreas economy grows 0.9% in 3rd quarter
Korea falls 3 notches to 66th in FIFA rankings
My Love, Shin Ramyeon chosen by Chinese as South Korean myeongpum
Pre-orders for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus to start
Gray divorces hit record high in 2013
Samsung, LG regain lost ground in global smartphone market in 3rd quarter
Coffee imports forecast to hit record high this year
Gasoline-driven import cars regain ground against diesels
Apple unveils iPad Air 2
Korea imports 27,716 tons of wine in 2013
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